The Use Case:

Extraction and processing coverage data for visualizing them in 3D over the Web, allowing client-side interaction.

The service:

Visualization is just a special case of data retrieval - pixels happen to be RGB and data happen to be 2-D or 3-D. As such, WCPS can well generate visualization-ready data. Below 3 bands from Sentinel-2 are combined with a DEM in a PNG image where the DEM is transported in the transparency (alpha) channel. This RGBA PNG image is rendered in 3-D in the browser using WebGL for terrain draping. The underlying WCPS query can be manipulated interactively:

  • Select a Latiitude / Longitude cutout:
  • Edit the RGBA components individually, based on the Sentinel-2 variable $S2 and the DEM variable $DEM:
    Red channel: Green channel: Blue channel: Alpha channel:
    Suggestions: add a constant to a band; add bands; switch bands; ...
    Keep in mind, resulting pixel value must be 8-bit unsigned integer (i.e., 0 to 255); anything else your browser will not understand.