The Use Case:

Need to access a coverage. Or part of it - selection can be in space and time. The result should be delivered in the client's favourite format, coordinate reference system, and possibly scaled. The Web developer implementing these requests needs to understand the WCS request types before starting their own coding.

The service:

The rasdaman WCS client operates directly on WCS request level, but with convenient parameter manipulation. After setting parameters for WCS Core or Extension reuqests the resulting request can be inspected for learning how to compose it manually or programmatically. By going to the various tabs of WCS, WCPS, and WMS the respective functionality can be exercised.

Maybe start with GetCapabilities to get an overview on the 1-D through 4-D data available. All of these are not Big Data, so don't worry about generating excessive load - the sky is the limit for your requests! Still not sure about WCS? Lots of training materials are available with the EarthServer webinars.